So while I had insomnia

I heard for the first time people talking to me in Hebrew and Russian.  I think it was real time conversations.  Now don’t go shooting anyone, I don’t speak Hebrew or Russian, but I got the emotional gist of it.

It is going to be ok, because I think this is a global and developmental step forward.  

Regards to Gwen

I just got done watching Gwen’s chat and re-Putin…

This is where we find out how great a statesman Putin is. We do have a lot on our plates right now.  I think Israel and Palestine is an issue that has gone on for way too long and as a result may have been ripe for ISIS agitators to work on long standing grievances, the rascals!!

This is where we need to step back and see the overt issues.  Empirism is just over for awhile from anyone.  If we, Russia, Europe, China, Japan, (first world countries) and emerging countries want to get most of the world (hopefully all of it) through the next 100 years for a soft landing, we need to sit down as first world powers and decide if we can trust each other, because ISIS is not dumb and I have a feeling that extremists are not done with this merry-go-round yet.  And we have yet to get down to who the actual puppet master is at the bottom of all of this.

So I would sit down and divide up the conflicted areas.  If Putin wants to take the lead with Syria and Iraq in regards to ISIS, ok.  However, open, honest communication with the US and China over progress (and especially any failures) is important, because we do need to know how things are progressing.

Second, I think that the US and Egypt focus on  Israel and Palestine is ok.  

Third, the US has to figure out a ‘good neighbor policy’ with the countries south of our borders and put an immigration policy in place that people (especially families) can live with… especially the ‘live’ part.

And last, but not least, I watched an Independent Film called “In the Loop” and it was a SAD commentary on a lot of things, but I really liked the character of the General.  His character said TWO very to the point things.

1.  Those who have seen war never want to return to it once they have known peace.

2. There is no five-year ‘renewal’ on being a soldier. As he put it, he doesn’t have to drag a dead body in front of the pentagon review board every five years to keep his uniform. (That’s when he decided that he could not resign if the US was going to war because he thought he could keep the body count down because at least he knew what he was doing.)

That said, the VA issue is important.  OF COURSE I am for vetrans.  We’ll figure out how to pay for their retirement, medical, retraining, and it’s going to be fine.  We do need a military not so we can kill each other, but because they are the ones who know how to mobilize people and materials fast in a crisis situation.  I can’t think of better people to respond to emergencies due to natural disasters than the Army Corps of Engineers or get medical help on the ground better than military surgeons, nurses, doctors, etc.   

We are going to have some lulus of civil issues around the world as climate shifts and niches reach critical and we’re going to need people who are used to working in stressful situations and keep going.  And we’re going to need to draw on those experiences from people who have been successful.

All I can say is ‘we’re not licked yet!!”  So don’t give up.

On a personal note

In my head there is a battle every night in my dreams regarding the fears and frustrations of my own family here in the US.  It makes every morning a struggle for me as to what is most important to do every day as I already feel overwhelmed upon waking.

In an odd sense, it strongly reminds me of the situation our government officials and other media observers are pointing out, that of being besieged with crises.  The problem is NOT the lack of problem solving ability, but of time.  And I think that is a reflection of how many peoples around the world feel.

I know that I’m not alone in how I feel.  The key is to push those things aside firmly, say a prayer for wisdom, clarity, and ableness and jump in.

Thinking about Liberty’s Children

I am thinking about how to help the children sitting at the US border under extreme conditions.  

Again we need to find out WHY this is happening.  It is an extreme act for children to cross that incredible distances.  Evidently there is a state of emergency from where these kids came from otherwise it would not be happening.

If I were in a position to ask anything, I would ask two questions.

1.  Ask the country of origin under what conditions the children are fleeing?  If there is not a big endemic or institutional problem, ask for the help of the government to stop under-aged flight.

2.  If there is a real problem, ask about the parents (if they are alive) and ask the parents what they would have us do?  In the case of children being orphaned ask the government of the country they have come from where they should reside in the best interests of the child.  If the children have parents in the US, then definitely work with the parents to find out what is best for their family and implement.

In the meantime, the situation is dire for these kids and while this gets sorted out, we need to take care of their needs.  This is not an ‘invasion.’  They are refugees.  We need to put ourselves in their parent’s place.  If these were our kids, what would we want for them from the country they end up in?

And yes I realize that this is going to take awhile (at least a year) to sort through and the kids reunited with loved ones or new good quality care, love and education made for them.

One of the ways we could help is to place children with families who can make room for them temporarily until this can get sorted out.  I think it would be good to ask churches for sponsor-ships.


There is a phenomena known in the world of psychology as “mindset.”  It is kind of a shorthand notation for ‘perspective of world view.’  A mindset automatically colors or biases or assigns reasons behind actions that are neutral otherwise.

An example

Let’s say someone steps closer to a person in a conversation.  An observer notices.  Depending on mindset this step forward could be given all sorts of reasons.  Here are some.

Mindset of health issues:  Person stepped forward because of hearing issues.

Mindset of romance:  Person stepped forward because it was a signal for more intimacy.

Mindset of intrigue:  Person stepped forward so others couldn’t hear their conversation as easily.

Mindset of persecution:  Person stepped forward as an aggressive act.

And so it goes.

The reason I’m writing on this is because I perceived a mindset in regards to the Israeli point of view in regards to other people’s, nations, and what actions mean.

Just because people are being aggressive does NOT mean they have a genocidal mindset.  It is NOT because “we exist” that people are upset and are resorting to violence.  I understand that the Nazi era was traumatic.  It was traumatic for everyone involved, but it is over and the Jewish nation has survived and flourished.  It is time to extend that right to others too.  Many peoples have experienced genocide.  This is NOT just the unique experience of the Jewish people.  However, everyone’s reaction to it is not paranoia, fortunately.   It’s not we live or they live.  It is we all can live.  

Now, in order to achieve the “we all can live” and maintain a diversity of cultures, traditions, and economies, there needs to be an end to violence on both sides in all its forms and a mindset nurtured towards empowerment for peace and prosperity, justice and freedom.  

And I will point out, that perhaps Israelis and Palestinians are not so different when it comes to conflict.  If the death toll were reversed, and Israel had hundreds dead instead of less than 100, what would Israel do?  Well we already know, right? They wouldn’t go out without a fight.  They wouldn’t just sit there and watch their wives, children and neighbors starve to death and live in extreme poverty.  And isn’t that exactly what the Palestinians are doing?  It does take both sides to make peace and to keep it repaired.  I do acknowledge however, that some similarities makes it harder sometimes.

Taking a break

You know what is hard for some people?  Vacations.  When one is tired, sometimes they are the last to know it.  Especially people who are used to being driven.  You get so tired after awhile, one’s judgement is off about their ability to handle stress, good or bad.

I’m not trying to start a controversy here, but somehow a camera is more draining than an audience.  I think it is really important to do ‘summer school’ stuff as I call it.  You know the stuff?  Fun stuff, but lighter work.

My mother, God Bless her always, always said, ‘vacations’ are by definition a change of occupation.  Good definition for teachers and those that tend to do project work in which there is a definite beginning, middle and end.

You can see that, right?

When things get too much, take a vacation, and if the vacation is a big enough sensory shift, it doesn’t have to be more than a couple of hours to give you the boost you need.  That’s why i like sailing, or swimming, or hiking, or running, horseback riding.  The sounds, smells, tastes, sensations, and ergonomics are so different as to be a complete break from what we were doing predominantly before.

Mini vacations taken strategically, can be more valuable than ‘forced vacations’ from mental health, physical health issues that can crop up.

Who am I today?

The person who seems to linger in my psyche today is definitely male.  I don’t know who he is, but he doesn’t like to do a lot of things that the females when they come like to do.

This person, who has been with me a week, seems to be having problems with life issues.  

I would have despaired of all of this this weeks had it not been for me closing my eyes and seeing angels pass through me as if I was a door or on the same path as angels.  And yes for those inquiring minds, good angels.  

If I’m on the path of angels, I must be ok, right?  For some reason though it feels like I’m stuck or slower as they pass along.  Or am I like a good Samaritan that helps angels who are hurt along the way?

Angels have feelings too, hurts too.  It’s hard not to shake the idea that it is ok for me to live and be happy when there is so much hurt, and yet we must.  Because it is happiness and the warm hearts of love and joyful sharing and giving that lights our way and gives rest to weary souls on their way home.

Laying the Ground work for “Star Trek’s Next Generation”

Got your hopes up that this was going to be about movies didn’t you?

However, in this instance, I’m going to use the Star Trek television series to demonstrate a point.  

In the Original Star Trek series we had James T. Kirk played by William Shatner as a very definite gunslinger and peace treaty kind of methodology out there in the stars.  The UN was new and the cold war did have a definite “Ok Corral” kind of feeling about it often.

However, starting in the 1990s, something new was shown.  Captain Piccard was a Captian, military man in ever sense of the word, but even more so a diplomat.  The UN of planets was no longer new and there was a sense of community among the stars.  Often PIcard’s ship is sent on missions of diplomacy, interplanetary aid, and scientific missions of exploration.  It is in this world that Picard’s crew meet real aliens, beyond the corporeal who are so beyond humanoids in so many ways and yet in this era, the statement is made that humans CAN hold their own among them. 

THIS, THIS is the goal of humanity, whether we be talking about third world countries no longer being second and third world but part of ‘The world community’ and being able to hold their own OR humanity out in space, following in the progenitors’s of life foot steps now able to call ourselves an interplanetary species.  

We, are kind of in the middle between the two depicted periods of time.  WE MUST get to “The world Community’ mindset of the S.T. Next Generation here at home while starting on the next bigger adventure as humans as a ‘successful’ interplanetary species.

The first rule of any interplanetary species is their ability to clean their rooms take good care of their homes.  You know what I’m talking about right?  Sigh… yeppers that good ole’ sustainability issue.  As I see it, think of each town as a country, and each neighborhood as a culture within that country and each home a microcosm of preferred human emotional ties.

When the town no longer has ‘a wrong side of the tracks’ and people stop having some aspects of their town in urban decay and people stop blowing up and setting fire to their neighborhoods and stop killing their neighbors and households are functional, loving and safe places to grow and thrive, THEN, THEN this world becomes the beautiful blue and green gem it was meant to be.  And gorgeous beyond our experience in our present lives it can be.