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This is good.  This is a good idea.  China needs help with smog.  I think this will work.  Like I said, help them diversify economies that aren’t, and it’s all good.

Talking to some of my own people here

I keep running across crap… and I mean ‘crapola’ like this on the Internet

Notice the various aspects of this Illuminist plan to stage Antichrist; all these elements tie in closely together, "and all in a very short period of time" Let us list these various “planks” to their plan so we may understand them more clearly:

1. Los Angeles is hit with an unprecedented 9.0 earthquake

2. New York City is hit with an atomic bomb

3. World War III breaks out in the Middle East

4. Banks and stock markets crash

5. Aliens and UFO’s appear, supporting the appearance of Antichrist

6. “Some people disappear” — the Rapture of the Church

7. Messiah — Antichrist — presents himself to the world

Lest my more ‘with it’ and international followers wonder what this is, this is supposedly the count down of events to the end of the world or whatever.

Some of the hysterics would have you believe that we are in this countdown somehow.  Rest assured, yes we are… but not like they thing.  Since this world has been created it has had an expiration date highly dependent on the solar body we all lovingly call the sun.

Now, where this list came from, who knows!!  BUTTTTT  I think we can all relax a bit.

1.  LA hasn’t been hit with a 9.0 earthquake.  South America was and the mid pacific.  If anyone has been hit lately it’s South America and the Japanese.

2.  Well could have happened, had it not been for 9-11.  No.. that was not due to a nuclear bomb.  Because 9-11 and the understanding that terrorism had gone high tech, more is being done on uranium security than ever before.  It’s very hard, nigh impossible now compared to the 1990s to get together enough uranium to set off a fire cracker, let alone a nuclear bomb.

3.  WWIII? in the Middle East?  How can you tell?  I mean these people are ALWAYS fighting, ALWAYS breaking treaties, ALWAYS antagonizing each other, etc.  Right?  We’re not in a global war over it yet.  The first world countries have a lot bigger issues than people who historically cannot get along.

The solution to the middle East is relatively simple.  

A.  Make Jerusalem it’s own city state like Vatican City.  The Vatican was smart.  Too many factions, and just too much at stake starting with saints burials and art.  They just decided.. “It’s Vatican City, all Catholics and Christians of all denominations are welcome to come and study and sight see and worship.”  It’s still there.  That’s the point.  It’s not politically tied to Italy even.

Now, If Jerusalem was given that same freedom, only make it a place of holiness and honor for THREE major religions, with all THREE religious orders sending delegations there to run and maintain it, I think 90 percent of the religious insanity would go away.

B.  As to the rest of it, All you need to do is get the infrastructures rebuilt and get them to diversify their markets and I think people would feel a lot calmer about a lot of things.

4. As far as the banks and stock market crashes.  

It is nearly 100 years since the last one that set off the depression.  Gee, we have even more technology than we had.  Better medical and dental care, better nutrition, etc.   

Yeah we had another dipsy doodle in 2009, but these things happen, and in that one the whole world saw that if one country went down they all went down.  So that ended the 1 percent advantage, right there.  No country to run to, economically speaking.  So I think the markets will just get a lot less bipolar and speculative.

5. Aliens came in 2009.  Aliens left in 2012.  We, as a human race, weren’t ready.  No Aliens, right now and not for another 200 years.  Soooo not the end of the world.

6.  Some people disappear.  Hmmm.  People have been disappearing for as long as people could get lost!!!  But this is not millions of people.  And this is not half the world’s population as stated in revelation.

7.  I have not hear of a SINGLE person, angel, alien, other state that they were THE God Almighty and Creator.  Yes, I think God speaks to us at times through others.  I think God sends angels to help us.  I think God helps us when we’re stuck on a problem when we pray about it.  I do believe in Divine Inspiration but the Almighty also seems to favor those that do put a little perspiration into it as well, otherwise, how would anyone appreciate it?

What bothers me are websites with these lists on it, couched in most half truth and maybe scientific information.  If Yellowstone blows up, it is NOT because it is the end of the world.  Yellowstone BLEW up before and most of the west is still there.  Yes it would be nice to know when, how bad, what can we do to help ourselves and our families and our neighbors.  But for goodness sake that’s true of anything, from a sever storm to a bad snow in.  So people, stop scaring yourselves and each other.

And if you want to know what I think?  I think we have 1000 years of relative peace coming our way.  That’s what I think.  Because the REAL signs were all there for that scenario, NOT the other.  Peace is where life is really at.


Ever watch the movie Contact?  It’s a great movie, and I highly recommend it.  It is when a scientist who experiences an extraordinary event, can’t really prove what she experienced and is shot down politically, personally, professionally, etc.

You know, I feel like that scientist.  I’m not a Liar.  I don’t care what people say.  I”m no psychotic.

Why are people so intent on discrediting what I say?  I’m no spy.  Never have been.  I’m not a demon.  Never have been.  I could care less (and believe me I DONT want to sit in and listen to people having sex) about people’s sexual activities or not. 

I don’t possess children.  I’m not invading people’s minds (actually the opposite is true) and I don’t kill people and will save them if I can.

What I do is pray, try to do something for someone else (even if it’s only my family) every day.  I think about things.  I hear the troubles of others sometimes because THEY are praying.  I’m not an alien, although technically if you say that anything sentient and non human is an alien, then maybe.  But then so are things like dolphins, monkeys, elephants, dogs, etc.  

I wasn’t amused about ‘no aliens’ signs in Indiana in their parks.   So much for tourism by people who want to visit this country’s parks while on vacation from another country.

I can’t tell you the wonders that I have seen and felt and heard.  But I can tell you that the wonders you would have seen sooner than later was postponed by a couple hundred years because of narrow minded thinking like the above.  

I sincerely hope for the health and maturity of the human population and I sincerely hope their future is filled with wonders and new horizons.

We The People

I’m tried standing up for what I knew was right. Sometimes I feel like I get kicked to the ground trying to say what I know is true.

Churches, communities, families, student bodies, etc are about the PEOPLE, not the building they are in.  The minute people lose sight of that is the minute that things start going wrong.

The same for businesses and nations.  It’s not a nation if there is no one in it.  Ruling is about ruling someone.  No someones.. no rulers.  Simple as that.  

Personally, I think it is good to be part of a community and try to be organized so that things can get done. Many ‘GOOD’ hands make light work.   What happens when things go wrong is when the rulers forget that it is the people that give them power, not the other way around.

People who rule are servants of the ruled.  This is the essence of a good steward.

Possible signs

Yesterday, I had an unusual reaction to something unusual.  It is possible that something has entered a water pocket in the deep core chamber suddenly.   Some eject that might have occurred above ground.  Lava, would be relatively viscus, with main deposit in lake.

Animals doing the nervous dance, and large herd animals taking to roads (easier traveling for longer distances) means something is more active than normal.  

The Ferry

This is one of those times when it sucks to be the captian.  People were going to die one way or another and he knew it.  Water at 55 F for those with inadequate clothing can kill in minutes.

Some of the answers for the decisions made are in this article.


What comes out in bold letters to me are the following

1.  He had lots of years, but spent time going back and forth between ships (where you’d want to stay with the boat as long as possible, and ferries, where you wouldn’t.)  In the shock and maybe wet, did he get confused as to procedure?

Many of the symptoms of hypothermia resemble those of a drunken stupor: sleepiness, clumsiness, confusion and even slurred speech. Doctors also check for shivering, a weak pulse, low blood pressure, and a body temperature below 96 degrees F (35.5 degrees C). (Normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees F, or 37 degrees C.)  (scientific American, Ballantyne, 2009).  According to the Scientific American Article, a person can last about 15 minutes in the water on average.

2.  Ferries are unstable, and probably top heavy.  People shifting position all of a sudden may have coincidentally or maybe caused an additional shifting of the ferry.  Keeping people in their cabins would have caused the bottom to be heavier and maybe given more time before rolling giving area ships additional time?

3.  Teens don’t always listen and are the size of adults.  Maybe there was panic at the evacuation area?  If some of them were below, did he think he could get more off faster with proper gear?

So if you find yourself submerged in icy-cold water, what should you do?
If you have a flotation device, you should get on top of that device and hug yourself to keep as much of your body away from the water as possible. If you keep your arms and legs in tight, close to the core of the body, you keep your limbs from being exposed to the cooling water. If you do not have a flotation device, get out of the water as fast as you possibly can. (SA, Ballantyne, 2009).

I don’t know about your teens, mine have never dressed appropriately for the weather in ‘ideal’  life conditions in their lives.  They also tend to be thinner than older adults.

4.  Did he spot predators in the water making him change his mind?

5.  What caused the initial mechanical failure?

People in this situation are going to die.  I and anyone would hope not, or at least hope not many.  But this is just how it is.  My sense is this man did the best he could in a situation where this was not a winnable scenario.  The fact that so many people lived, might be do to the Captain.


Many Christians and those who follow Judaism know what Haroset is.  It is a blend of fruit, honey, nuts, and wine.  It represents the mortar that were used to build the bricks during slavery of the Isrealites.

However, does anyone really know how good this food is for you?  Yes, it is high in calories, but rich in Omegas, vitamins and the natural benefits of honey with some lightening of spirits from wine.  Basically, this is a health food that lasts, and you can work hard all day and it will keep you going.

God’s Church

For those who know me, I help out on ‘occasion’ literally, to decorate for different holy weeks at my church.  We had a turnover recently of the head sister and priest.  I understand that they like things simple, and that’s fine.  However, this nun comes up behind us (and mind you the woman in charge of making sure everything is beautiful and it ALWAYS is) hadn’t slept in several days and she’s 70 if she’s a day) and said, “Well this time it looks like a church.”  

I didn’t say anything and just kept walking as did the woman in charge, who is hard of hearing and hopefully didn’t hear a thing.  But this bothers me.  It bothers me a lot.  For decades this woman has made this sanctuary from everyday life a REAL sanctuary.  A garden retreat where you can tell someone cared how it looked.  How dare someone cast aspersions because it wasn’t ‘THEIR STYLE’. 

This is a person, in my humble opinion, who wouldn’t recognize God’s church if it bit them in the ass.  Pardon my language, but it’s true.  Here are TWO kinds of churches that ARE churches and where I have felt the presence of God.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love churches and temples and the sanctuary it gives to focus oneself on God in one’s life.  But let’s keep in mind what the REAL church is and who the REAL temples are, and it ‘ain’t some building!








I went to church today and heard, “This is the day that God made for us.  Let us live and rejoice in it.!”  

Sounds like all the other sermons, songs, lines, etc that we hear, for some, every Sunday.  But does anyone really sit down and THINK about what this really says?

This is the day.  Not yesterday, not tomorrow.. NOW, today! 

That God has made…  unless you stayed up all night creating it, please don’t take credit for God’s work :), no treat it as if it is nothing.

Let us live… how do you live today?  What if I phrased that differently?  Suppose you were playing a game, doesn’t matter what, and it was your turn.  How would you play your turn?  How will you play today?

Rejoice in it!….Since I don’t remember being dead much, and hopefully you don’t either!! .. it sure beats the alternative right?   Pain can be mitigated, hunger filled, loneliness thwarted, etc.  There is no human condition that can’t be lessened in impact to some extent.  So let us rejoice in what we have, what we can do, that we have a time and a place to do it in.

It’s two simple phrases, but it says such a mouthful!!

Other Wisdoms

There are a lot of truisms about good and evil.  One this is absolutely true, evil love chaos, anger, rage, fear.  Don’t give it any.  Evil also loves despair so that it can take possession fully and turn someone into whatever it wants.  Don’t give into that either.  

There is a lot of truth in the star war Jedi ideas about anger and rage.  Evil hates a thinking person.  Evil hates doable plans that create good things.  Evil dislikes freedom, love, hope, joy and self expression.  Because Evil cannot abide in truth, love, caring, joy, good deeds, etc, it is important no matter how you feel, to do one good deed a day if possible, even for yourself, and to take on no more power in this world than you can handle.  So in other words, don’t let them promote you past your ability to do the job.

This Easter Season, remember those who have past on that you have loved and fond memories on.  Forgive those who hurt you with the understanding that you have not been perfect either.  

Do not return evil for evil.  And please, for the love of God, let there be peace if only on the major Holidays where no one dies except possibly through old age, but certainly not by violence.