America’s Got Talent 2014 - Auditions - Andrey Moraru

This is an awesome act and the man obviously has great talent, but the reason I am posting this video is because of what he thinks this country is about, AND he’s RIGHT ON!

America seems to be suffering from self-esteem problems today, a certain, ‘unsureness’ among the citizenry. I completely understand that. In many ways Congress acts like everything is over. Well it’s not over.

This country STANDS for freedom, a government that governs people well with justice and humanely, diversity, opportunity, creativity, innovation, generosity, respect, personal rights, optimism, family (which is more than the nuclear family, in my humble opinion).

I really hope that the government of this country pulls itself together and starts reflecting the idea that even with all the technological changes, new ideas, new peoples, environmental changes, etc that THESE ideologies have ALWAYS been a part of who we are as a people regardless of race, religion, culture, country of origin, ability, education, or sex and age.

While that is a bit different than perhaps what the cultures are that stabilize in places like the Middle East right now, in that they may end up with a more homogenous population, I sincerely hope that those values are something that they can also embrace in their own countries.

These fundamental principles are the thing that this planet citizen is rooting for. In the stranger, he is me and I am him. We are all in this together.


The Energy Involved in …

Living or Dying.  Both are a change of states.  While some would argue that entropy is a ‘down hill’ loss of energy and thus all processes must head toward entropy and thus decay, I would argue that to change the direction of energy expended, takes energy either way for all life forms.  Since the initial energy to change one’s state, any state, is involved, why not use this initial energy toward living?

I have been watching a lot of off the wall documentaries about UFO, and surveillance plane technologies of the 1940s,50s,etc. That kind of led to geological documentaries etc.

What I thought was very interesting was the properties of serpentine (a rock) found in the Marianas trench in the Pacific that functions as a lubricant for subduction of plates.  Under those kind of tectonic pressures it actually served as a lubricant whose by product was mud volcanoes.

I do not know if anyone is looking for something that can take high pressure, high temperatures, but if you are, i think serpentine would be interesting to look at. 

A few observations on celebrities

I think Martin Freeman’s full beard and mustache makes him look distinguished.  I know that’s a personal comment and I hope nobody takes offense at it.  I do think that Shakespeare is awesome performed live, however, with the right setting and casting it can also be awesome filmed, for example Romeo and Juliet aka “West Side Story.” 

I don’t think I have ever seen a live Shakespearean play.   

Why Hamas rejected an Egyptian-proposed ceasefire

I think this man has some important things to say about the situation.

I think it is fair that Israel release the detained Palestinians. If they are guilty of anything, and there is is proof, this can be worked out in extradition later. But I think there are bigger issues here at stake at this point.

I think it is fair to lift the siege of Gaza at this point as it is hard to concentrate in good faith if families are being shot at and under military rule from another nation.

As to open the Borders. Frankly, given the close terrorist ties of Hama in the recent past and ‘opportunistic’ terrorists (not Hamas), I will side with Egypt’s government at this point. This is so that Egypt can facilitate without having to worry about a terrorist attack coming at them from the East.

As cease fire and peace talks progress and as tensions ease among the peoples, border issues can be negotiated for later.

Foreign aid should remain in place for those who are injured or in need of medical attention, food and water.

If Hama, can keep it’s people from attacking Israelis or others foreign nationals and if they can live with people of other religions or not within their border, I think things will proceed well.

The one thing that does bother me however, is some of the the sabotage that has been going on towards the Palestinian nation for decades forcing people out of power repeatedly. I think it would have been reasonable to have recognized Palestine as a State a lot sooner than has been.


People and Food

There is a lot of pressure in nearly all societies about body size, and mostly for women.  I thought this showed an interesting side of the issue.

I really do think that people should be able to eat what is a comfortable amount to them without being tortured.  Food and pain are too closely associated often. 

I think the goal should be, “Can I do what I want to do and what the average person can do when they are healthy?”  If the answer is no, is it because we are either too thin for OUR health or too fat for OUR personal health?  Or is it something else that is going on.  HEALTH is sexy.  Fitness (regardless of size) is sexy.  Inner beauty that shines outward is sexy.   Being sexy is sexy because expending energy on that means that you have extra energy for play and that is when life is fun.

Horse Line Dancing in Parade! Fantastic!


Andrew Scott

Thank you for singing during the movie “The Stag.”  You have a beautiful voice and an even more lovely Irish soul.  I know now that you came and visited me on a very cold day.  But, promised my daughter not to let strangers into the house (strangers for her).

I really love The Stag and especially all the moss and forests.  Hang in there.  Good things come from good love and for those people who are very sensitive to the hurts of others.

Yes.  This is the attitude I want in my life as well.  We strive even when things are hard.

Yes.  This is the attitude I want in my life as well.  We strive even when things are hard.

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Fighting between Israel and Palestine escalates

I’m having trouble trying to understand why in the face of the horrific bloodshed already, and the innocent victims of the three Jewish youths, the retaliation on the Palestinian youth and so it goes WHY the destruction of the GAZA strip is continuing?  

Will killing more people bring back the dead in the bodies strewn on the ground?  Will increasing the trauma and wrongful deaths inflicted on children and innocent citizens increase a will of peace and prosperity?

All I see in choosing a path of violence is a perpetuation of violence until those on both sides who prefer a ‘culture’ of violence despite the weeping of grieving loved ones are dead.

I cannot imagine looking at footages of dead children on either side and deciding to continue to shoot.

Plasma and Burn Victims

I have an idea about people burned where there is a significant portion of their bodies (more than 30 percent) that has been damaged.  It’s kind of an old and new idea.

I call it a plasma tub.  Most people rescued from a fire and taken to a trauma unit are still within that golden hour and for burn victims still within the time to reduce the burns.

My proposal is to immerse them immediately into a tub of cold water for 30 minutes dropping the demand for oxygen and reducing shock and treating for pain while treating their airways replacing fluids.

h The goal is to mitigate the severity of the burns and reduce infection as fast as possible while stabilizing them and keeping them out of shock for the first 24 hours.

It is possible then that more people would survive with less chances of infection and less pain in recovery.  Just an idea I had.